Plying Yarn: Color Experiments!

After getting inspired by a book I came across on spinning variegated sock yarn, I just HAD to try it! The next step will be to learn to dye my own fiber, but I wanted to experiment and didn’t want to deal with that step right now so I went to the yarn store and bought a few ounces of dyed fiber. This is what came out of it!! It was SO fun to make!!
The way you make yarn like this is to randomly spin multiple colors of fiber, switching colors every couple of feet. It sounds tedious, but you get the hang of it and it goes just as fast as normal spinning if you’ve got a system down. I kept the different colors on my lap and just switched out whenever I felt like it.
I made two bobbins full:
Then, once I had the two balls of randomly colored yarn, I plied (plyed?) them together. This was the best part, as you get to watch the yarn come together in all sorts of fun color combinations!! Plying means spinning the two strands together in the opposite direction that you spun the yarn in. This makes the strands, which have a lot of excess spin in them, relax and stabilize.
Here is my beautiful new creation next to the onion skin dyed yarn I made yesterday.
 I can’t stop making yarn!! I’ve got two more skeins soaking in a black bean dye bath right now as I blog! My new morning routine has consisted of waking up early, listening to the radio, and spinning, before the house wakes up. It’s a great way to start the day!

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